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South Goa Guide

Goa is home to 160 km of stunning coastline, made up of about 50 beaches, each with their own unique features and personalities.   You could spend countless hours researching where to spend your time in this extensive territory. If you don’t have time for that, maybe this summary of South Goa tips will help make your life easier and your travels more wildly satisfying.

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3 Weeks in Laos

In quiet, mellow Luang Prabang, the sun is shining and life seems to flow with a pace as languid as the Khan and Mekong rivers that serenely wind their way around the city center…

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Eat Drink Dharamsala

The villages that make up Upper Dharamsala are home to some amazing restaurants and cafes, and these are my favorites. Not only do these places serve beautiful, delicious, nourishing food in cozy, inviting spaces with friendly service, their prices will make your jaw drop in disbelief.  You realize you’re absolutely spoiled rotten when you come to feel that $5 for a lunch is overpriced.

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Enchanted City

In Dharamsala, it was the clouds that first enchanted me. 

The ocean of clouds that stretches out below the city as far as the eye can see, always moving, shifting, changing, forming an ethereal buffer between this mountaintop sanctuary city and the rest of the world.  The clouds that occasionally ascend to envelop the streets of the town and its colorful buildings in a thick fog...

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