He who travels a lot, learns a lot.
— Swahili proverb

About Me & This Website

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March 2017 I had a sudden epiphany and realized it was time for a drastic change.  Haircut?  Nope.  It was time to jump off the island of the safe and the familiar and take the plunge into the sea of the unknown and the adventurous and go do what I really wanted to do, which was explore living life in a different way and on a different side of the world.  Because I knew if I didn't do it, I would look back when I was 80 and seriously regret it.

So, after a couple months of preparation, I quit my job, sold my house, got a one way ticket to India and started a slow tour of Asia and a new side of life.  (Okay, I’m a stickler for accuracy so let me clarify that technically, I left for India and then decided to sell my house, but how that unfolded is a whole other beautiful story.)   I have a general plan for where I’m headed but for the most part I’m going with the flow, staying open, learning as much as possible, soaking up a ton of inspiration and seeing what unfolds.

As of now - 5 1/2 months on this adventure - I’ve discovered an overwhelming amount of magic and beauty, as well as some challenges.  All in all, it's been amazing.

Along the way I’ve encountered some extraordinary people, experiences and places whose stories were begging to be told, and that’s the main reason for this website.  So here you’ll find their stories, (a few are from years past, but most are from this current adventure), some travel tips, some glimpses of daily life on this side of the world and some thoughts of mine. 

If you somehow ended up on this site and are reading this, I hope you find something here that entertains, intrigues, informs, inspires, delights or uplifts you. I believe we all have a calling in life and I know mine has something to do with creating beauty and spreading happiness.  If this website helps do that is some small way for even just one person, I’ll be thrilled.  And if not, that’s okay too, because I had a ton of fun creating this. 😊  

Cheers, peace, namaste!